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There are a few ways to go for you to reach me but for serious inquiries I prefer an email, if that is not the case then my social media profiles work fine like Twitter or Instagram if you don’t want to swing by my stream when I am live to get an answer directly.



“Writer of Thoughts, Streamer of Games, Builder of the PC’s, Maestro of Commands, Keeper of Confidence, Father of my First Daughter and Speaker of the Swedish.

Unforgotten was born in the 90’s and at an early age he was interested in computers and games that were available to play, it started with Half Life and the mod Counter Strike that came shortly after release but it was when Halo: Combat Evolved released the competition instincts came to life and he put down a lot of time in FPS games going forward. Meanwhile, the interest in building computers came to when he was tasked with fixing family gadgets and decided to hold on to these skills to further develop the knowledge. In 2010, he joined Energize to start playing Bad Company 2 on a slightly higher level, then quit his career after 3 years to switch to AoD (Angels of Death) for a little more casual play in Battlefield 4. In between then and now, console games was good to him, it was easy and convenient, but today Unforgotten is even more comfortable as a Coordinator for Prima eSport and Streamer for Rogue with a self-built computer from 2018.

To be continued…


We are a gaming organization that focuses on eSport and surrounding businesses.
We are currently operating as an ideal association and we registered the association 2017-02-16, this is about half a year’s work on preparation and planning.

We are currently running a number of eSport teams, a community and also a streaming section.
We work hard to be a welcoming community and actively choose to work against bullying and exclusion.
We have also chosen to promote where possible an even distribution between the sexes wherever possible.
Our goal is to keep events around Sweden a few times a year, where we can meet and hang out even IRL,
and to organize smaller online events and competitions in the community at least every two months.


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